Furlong Family Scholarship Fund

Furlong Scholarship has been established in memory of James and Nonie Furlong by their loving daughter, Kathryn Furlong.  There are two scholarships available each year for students from the City of Corner Brook who wish to further their education at an accredited university or college.

James Furlong, Kathryn’s father, was born in Furlong’s Cove, NL now known as Cook’s Brook in September 1901.  He was one of 5 children.  When his father died unexpectedly, James and his brother were forced to leave school to work to support their mother and siblings.  He was only able to complete a grade 6 education.  Despite this, James made a very successful living in the fishing and forestry industries until his later years when he also spent time in the real estate business.  James continued to be active in his community until his death at age 93.  Kathryn remembers him as a man who had incredible determination and drive to succeed no matter what obstacles were placed in his path.

Honorah Costello, Kathryn’s mother, was born in November 1903 in Conception Harbour, NL.  Always known as Nonie, at age 2 she moved to Wood’s Island until she was ready for high school.  She returned to the St. John’s area where she successfully completed her high school studies.  Nonie met James in 1934 and they were married in Oct 1935.  They welcomed their daughter Kathryn into the world in December 1936.  Nonie was a dedicated wife and mother her entire life and despite some rather significant health challenges that eventually took her life in Sept 1980, she remained a tireless homemaker and supporter of her family.  Nonie was a huge proponent of higher education and encouraged her daughter Kathryn to pursue a post secondary education during a time when many daughters were not given such an opportunity.

Kathryn Furlong, was born in Corner Brook in December 1936 and called Corner Brook her home until her death in 2022.  Upon returning from St. Francis Xavier University, she worked for the CNIB for five years and then started her career with the City of Corner Brook.  Her first duties with the city were those of a secretary but in a very short time she had earned a promotion to the position of City Clerk, a position she faithfully executed for over 30 years until her retirement.  Kathryn was a very strong supporter of the City of Corner Brook and the potential she had always seen in its citizens.  For this reason, she elected to establish this scholarship in memory of her father’s determination to succeed no matter the challenges and in memory of her mother’s steadfast belief that a key component of success was access to knowledge through higher education.  It is the hope of the Furlong Scholarship that the successful recipients of the scholarship will use their education to enrich their own lives and lives of those around them whether it be in Corner Brook or elsewhere in the world.