Honorary Colonel Benevolent Fund

The Honorary Colonel Benevolent Fund plays a crucial role in providing immediate emergency assistance to military families.  Notable for its flexible administration, the fund empowers military chaplains and Military Family Resource Centres to deliver prompt aid in critical situations.  This approach has been life-altering for many military members and their families, offering timely support when it’s needed the most.

Donating to This Fund

CFNL is a registered charity (BN: 853376531RR0001). You can donate and receive a Canadian Tax Receipt using the below form or by sending a cheque to CFNL’s Office.

For US Donors – CFNL can accept and provide tax receipts for US Donors through its membership in the Community Foundations of Canada. Contact us at info@cfnl.ca or (709)753-9899 to learn more. The below form is only for Canadian Tax Receipts.