Nathan Miller Memorial Scholarship Fund


Nathan Walter Miller filled his 14 years with such passion and love in each, and everything he
did it reached far beyond school.  His time was spent with family and friends hunting, fishing,
biking, snowmobiling, travelling and playing hockey.

Nathan loved to learn, but he wasn’t always eager to do the classwork.  Every day he still showed
up and was determined to participate in discussions and learn.  Any new skill acquired, he would
be excited to share the knowledge with someone else.  Nathan cherished every connection he
made in life. There were always stories to tell in class and at home.

The connections and his enthusiasm to help others learn and experience life to its fullest is the
reason The Nathan Miller Scholarship Fund has been created.  He didn’t always excel in
everything he set out to accomplish, but in every aspect of his 14 years he always brought
determination, humour, energy, and kindness.  To award the recipient who demonstrates these
qualities will allow Nathan to continue connecting with others through learning.


Donating to This Fund

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