Community Services

Whether fundraising for a critical community project, collecting donations during a crisis or starting a regional fund, CFNL is at your side. From the St. John’s Farmers’ Market renovation to partnering with Rotary Clubs post-Hurricane Fiona, we champion local, helping communities focus on what matters to them most.

CFNL offers a range of services to support local governments and community organizations and groups.


Regional Funds are tailored for donors who want to commit to a specific area of the province or community organizations and local governments who want to raise funds to support local causes and projects in their region. These funds offer a streamlined avenue to champion local charities, nonprofits and projects without the burden of establishing a standalone organization.  Learn how our neighbours in Nova Scotia have brought this to life here.


Recovery and Rebuilding Funds support communities in times of crisis by collecting donations intended to support the longer-term rebuilding and resilience of a community after a crisis. 90% of individual, corporate and government donations are usually gifted within the first 90 days after a crisis to support immediate community needs. Communities also require support that focuses on long-term resilience, given that crises often leave widespread and long-term social impacts. Research from the Centre for Disaster Philanthropy estimates that for every day of immediate relief, there are at least ten days required for mid-term recovery and at least 100 days for long-term recovery. The funds are directed by the community to support its rebuilding. This can include granting programs, individual support, mental health and victim services, community conversations or a signature community project. This was illustrated in the Fiona Recovery Fund, a partnership with Rotary Clubs of NL. 


Community Project Funds support fundraising efforts for vital community-led infrastructure projects. CFNL joins as a partner to support you with financial stewardship, including tax receipting, so you can focus on making the project a success. In 2017-18, CFNL supported the St. John’s Farmer’s Market Renovation through a Community Project Fund.


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