From Legacy to Opportunity – Furlong Family Scholarships

Investing in Promise at Corner Brook Regional High School

Nestled on Newfoundland’s picturesque west coast, Corner Brook Regional High School is now home to the Furlong Family Scholarships. This initiative, fueled by a generous gift of life insurance from Kathryn Furlong to the Community Foundation of Newfoundland and Labrador, aims to recognize and support promising young students in their educational pursuits. 

Kathryn Furlong, a dedicated former City Clerk and lifelong Corner Brook resident, established the scholarships in memory of her parents, James and Nonie Furlong, who believed deeply in the transformative power of education. Kathryn’s life, filled with achievement and community service, exemplifies the values and support instilled in her by her parents. Her legacy continues to shape future generations through these scholarships. 

Each year, two deserving graduates from Corner Brook Regional High School are awarded $2,000, signifying a vital step in their academic journey. Initiated in June 2023, the Furlong Family Scholarships have provided financial relief to two students. Students also have the opportunity to receive a second $2,000 scholarship in their second year of post-secondary education. 

Recognizing Potential 

Victoria Byrne, one of the school’s guidance counsellors, plays a crucial role in connecting students to such opportunities. She remarks on the significance of the scholarships, particularly for a school with a large and diverse student body, emphasizing how they allow the school to “step outside a little bit” by broadening its scope of recognition. 

“Many of our students are also working hard outside of school to support their families, and they deserve to be recognized and provided with financial opportunities for post-secondary education,” Byrne articulates. 

Her insights reveal the unique impact of the Furlong Family Scholarships, resonating with students who may not always be in the spotlight yet shine in their own right. 

Maddy’s Journey 

Maddy McDowell, one of the initial recipients, is now in her first year of med-sci at Western University in London, Ontario, where she is thriving in a stimulating academic environment. The scholarship has provided her with a sense of financial security, allowing her to focus on her studies in cancer research, vaccines, and genetics. 

Maddy’s academic interests are deeply personal, stemming from her mother’s battle with cancer. “I was inspired by projects in school about cancer treatments and therapies. They impact many lives, and that steered my interest towards this field,” she reflects.

 More than financial aid, the scholarship has enriched Maddy’s university experience, connecting her with peers and clubs that share her interests and fostering her engagement in a diverse and inclusive academic community. 

A Legacy Unfolding 

The Furlong Family Scholarships, stemming from Kathryn Furlong’s generous legacy, provide more than just financial aid; they are a recognition of potential, an investment in futures yet unwritten, and a commitment to nurturing the next generation of leaders and innovators.

They underscore the importance of recognizing the diverse paths of all students, ensuring that a legacy of learning and support thrives for generations to come.

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